Slowdown of the traditional markets
Environmental public pressure
Changes in buyer behaviour
Disruption of the competitive landscape
Digital transformation
Resources shortage
Talent scarcity
Data security
Information management
Access to Financing

Remember the challenges you have to face in the next coming years?

It may sound too simple, but the truth is that our Three Pillars Approach to every single one of those challenges really works.
And we are so confident about this approach that we even offer you a free diagnostic.
And we’re not talking about a desktop diagnostic.
We are talking about the real thing, a real diagnostic, with work meetings, information gathering and processing, and we will even throw in some free recommendations. If after the diagnostic you’re still not convinced, no problem. Most likely we will all  have learned something new, so it hasn’t been time thrown away.

And why would we do this? Simple! There is only one way to be sustainable, and that is to potentiate win-win situations, where both we and our clients, earn more money.

Innovation CULTURE

Innovation is nothing more than doing something substantially different than done ever before by anyone else.
INNOVATION can be on your product or service, on your process or your business model.
Impossible? No! Though it isn’t easy either, but we can give you some very good examples.
We look at INNOVATION as a means to survive. Specially in this rapidly changing world. And we look at the three areas of INNOVATION in a holistic way. Why not try us out? The worst that can happen is that you end up with a totally innovative business model, process or product.


The keyword for any business. Sustainability is not just being “environmentally friendly” or “green”. SUSTAINABILITY simply means that your business will be here in the  years to come and will continue to be here for many more. To be SUSTAINABLE you need the right strategy, the right people, the right products and services and also the right funding.
Besides that, no person or organisation is a standalone entity. All of us, people and organisations are part of society, and so, armed with the business-related topics covered above, we can foster an increased social and environmental awareness. Our work in SUSTAINABILITY includes several research studies and training sessions to managers from different organisations, providing the tools to integrate all the components into one simple and robust strategy towards SUSTAINABILITY. When necessary, we can also support you in preparing certification processes and applications to sustainability indexes.

Are you ready?

Technology exists and is here to stay. Nobody doubts that anymore. But how many times are you starting a meeting to make important decisions and you don’t have the information you need?
Or how many times have you heard your people say that a certain information pertaining to management is hard to prepare?
But in the meantime, you’ve spent tens or hundreds of thousands of euros on IT systems.
We don’t look at DIGITALISATION as just spending money on more or new IT systems. We look at what you already have and on how to get the most of that, interfering as little as possible with the existing systems and implementing SOLUTIONS that really give you what you need. So, do we sell IT solutions? No! We sell SOLUTIONS, which in some cases are achieved through systems, and when those systems don’t exist, we will make sure you can get the best, for the best price and we even take care and share your risks in the implementation phase.

GO International

We value internationalisation not as a busines solution, but as a holistic approach to the transformation of companies competing in a global market, where they face competitive challenges from new business models powered by emerging technologies, and where national boundaries tend to be increasingly less important. Still, we do notignore the importance of the specifics in the different markets, and we work with our clients in structuring a strategic approach and implementation plans for each market, encouraging them to seek local partnerships.

FINANCIAL Lean That Lasts

bten adopts financial lean principles, foresting a Lean and Agile culture for a set of competitive companies that are doubling down on lean both to assure survival and to gain long-term advantage. This time, these forward-looking companies are embracing lean that lasts—comprehensive and sustainable change based on an operating philosophy of continuous improvement that motivates the entire organization and creates a genuinely lean company. Lean that lasts is not simply cost-cutting, and it extends beyond traditional process optimization. A true lean transformation applies a set of principles as the catalyst for comprehensive change that redefines the company’s processes, structure, and organization, as well as its relations with providers, partners, and clients.


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Lean Startup Culture to validate Minimum Viable Products

bten has a vast experience in supporting and accelerating ideas that will lead to sustainable businesses in a global competitive environment.

1500 entrepreneurs
300 projects
50 companies

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“Working with the team took us from being just normal to be awesome...”

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